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How Do I Access My Purchase?


The first step in accessing your purchase is to log into JVZoo (you should have received a receipt from JVZoo, which should include your JVZoo login credentials.

Click here to log into JV Zoo

Once logged in, go to "My Purchases," and click the green button "Access My Purchase" button associated with this particular product.

Once you have accessed the "Access My Purchase Page" you will find a ten digit registration key in a pink boxed area. Copt the registration key then click the green "Access Your Purchase" button to be taken to our registration scree. Paste the ten digit code into the reg code field then add your PAYPAL email address and password to create your account. Your paypal email address will be your user log in.

You will know by the emails you receive just after purchase. We know you are eager to access your purchase, but please bear in mind that you dozens if not hundreds of purchases could be going through JVZoo at the exact moment your transaction was complete.

Please allow up to 30 minutes before becoming concerned. It is not rare for delays in receipts and registrations to take upwards of 90 minutes to reach customers.

With that complete, you should be good to go.

However, if your wait exceeds 90 minutes, feel free to open a support ticket. LET US KNOW THAT YOU'VE WAITED LONGER THAN 90 MINUTES FOR YOUR PURCHASE EMAILS.

Thank you!

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